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Investment Grade Wine (IGW)

An alternative investment to traditional financial vehicles.

Investment Grade Wine Pyramid

Investing in physical cases of wine has a mid to long term view. Investors are better protected by real assets with intrinsic value.

Like other mid to long term investments, wine investment also works as three major stages. Glassic Wine is dedicated to serve you with help and guidance throughout these processes.

Wine Investment Process

Historically, Fine Wine has persistently outperformed blue-chip stocks, with less volatility.

FW vs HSI vs Gold since 2015

Is Wine Investment For You?

☑ You enjoy drinking wines!

☑ You are looking for mid to long term investment.

☑ You want some risk diversifications with stable assets.

☑ You want to achieve a higher tax-free return.

☑ You do not mind a '4 - 6 weeks' liquidation period.


“With age, fine wine improves in Quality, Rarity, Desirability and Value.” 

What Makes Wine A Good Investment
Regardless Of The Global Economy?

There are plenty of factors affecting the prices of wine. Here are some of the most important ones.








Vintage Quality

Wine Tasting.jpg

Critic Scores

Major driver – 

Supply Demand Dynamic 

Limited Supply

  • Legal vineyard regulations 

  • Weather 

  • Global warming 

  • Gradual decrease availability due to consumption

Overwhelming Global Demand 

  • Improved quality due to ageing 

  • Entered Drinking window 

  • Rising awareness & wealth among Asian countries 

  • Increasing Millennial interest 

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